Yulgilbar Schools & Events

Welcome to our School and Events. Please see our upcoming classes below.

Chubby Turner Master Class;

Chubby Turner is holding only two schools in Australia this year, both will be held at Yulgilbar properties, Elgee Park Merricks North, Victoria and one at Argyle, Tamworth NSW. Become a part of this rare opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced profession cutting horse experts in the world.
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Yulgilbar Schools - Training Days & Ranch Experiences;

Since its inception, Yulgilbar has aspired to foster great horsemen and women and the highest standards of horsemanship. Since the 1980’s Yulgilbar has held schools at Elgee Park on the Mornington Peninsula with Australian and Overseas instructors recognised for their outstanding achievements in their equestrian and western disciplines.
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