Yulgilbar Quarter Horses is changing its strategy to meet the inevitable generational change in the family and the emerging operational needs of YQH. This means that the performance horses will be based at Elgee Park and the breeding operations of YQH will be relocated to Tamworth and change will happen over the next 3-6 months.
Over almost 14 years, Steve Allen has successfully led the breeding operations at Elgee Park. In this time, YQH is focused on building its “mare power”, producing quality performance horses of all western horse disciplines. Pleasingly now, the Yulgilbar breeding pops up in the winners at most cuttings, campdrafting and the other western sports.
We would like to thank and recognize the commitment of Steve and his family for the long period of consistent leadership of our breeding operations. On Steve’s watch, the Yulgilbar brand has developed and grown as has the quality of our mares.
We are delighted to announce that Dean and Vicki Holden and their children, Marley and Jackson will be joining YQH this July. Dean’s recent success speaks for itself, not only in the show ring, but in building a successful training operation. We look forward to welcoming Dean, Vicki and the family to Elgee Park. Dean will lead the development of the YQH performance horses and will also continue to train some horses for the clients that have loyally supported him over the years.
Robert and Lori MacKay, and Todd Graham, have been and will continue to be considered as family to YQH. Especially Robert and Lori with whom our family has had a close family relationship for over 40 years. Their contribution, advice, support and friendship is, and will continue to be, a driver of the long term success of YQH.
Later this year, the YQH breeding mares will be moved to Tamworth to be managed by Chris and Donna Murphy. Chris and Donna already handle a few of YQH mares and from this season onwards will handle all the breeding, weaning and handling of the YQH mares and foals.

For further information please contact: Gail Ritchie on 0427 096 999 or Sid Myer on 0438 988 083 or Edward Myer on 0412 386 380.