Sid Myer on Linkafex

On the 5th of February Yulgilbar lost two of their favourite horses from a lighting strike. Yulgilbar Great Smooth Cat and Linkafex were standing together in their paddock near the Elgee Park stables on the evening of the storm when a lighting bolt hit the ground near them and travelled to their shoes. Both were found in the morning of a Yulgilbar Cutting School where both horses were going to be ridden by Sid and Ed Myer in the school.

Yulgilbar Great Smooth Cat (Brownie) and Linkafex (Link) had successful cutting careers but more importantly, were wonderful family horses used for station work, pleasure riding, non pro showing and schools. Brownie and Link gave so many family members and friends an introduction to cutting and western riding and will be almost impossible to replace.

They were laid to rest on Elgee Park and have plaques placed in the stables in their memory.