2020 has been a troubling time for everyone and certainly Yulgilbar Station has seen its fare share of difficult times.  The fires in 2019 and 2020 raced through the majority of the property but the rains following the fires have transformed the landscape. Winter is always a wonderful time to visit Yulgilbar, but this year it was extra special.

Due to Corvid restrictions that postponed the 2020 NCHA Futurity the annual April pre-works held at Yulgilbar Station were moved to August 1 – 4.  The Myer family were so looking forward to attending the pre-works but were unable to attend as they were locked down in Victoria. Rob and Tyler Hodgman, Robert and Lori Mackay, Todd Graham, Peter Shumack, Jade Williamson and Rafe Ritchie were lucky enough to make the pre-works this year and relished each of the  four days of perfect weather and outstanding Santa yearling cattle.  The relaxed atmosphere with plenty of banter was enjoyed by all especially the Yulgilbar Team who received expert coaching from the cutters.

By the end of the four days the horses were ready for Tamworth, but unfortunately now that the Futurity and Aged events have been cancelled for 2020, they will not be able to take advantage of all those fresh cattle!

Yulgilbar Station is considering holding a School later this year with Todd Graham.  Let’s hope all travel restrictions are over and the Myer Family can attend.